Our charges

Clear, simple and transparent charges, the only way forward.

We are committed to a simplified fee structure and want advisers, and investors, to understand exactly how much our investment management and support services cost.

Investment Management

Beaufort Investment Management has a flat investment management fee regardless of the portfolio value. Our fee is based on the investment proposition selected.

Investment Proposition Gross Fee %
Active Portfolios 0.30%
Enhanced Passive Portfolios 0.25%
Passive Portfolios 0.20%
Ethical & Environmental Portfolios 0.35%
Bespoke 1.00%

Annual Management Fees are subject to VAT (Value Added Tax), where applicable, at the prevailing rate and are charged monthly in arrears.  Fees are debited directly from the portfolio.  Under normal circumstances, fees will be deducted in the base currency of the portfolio.

Transaction costs

No commission or transaction costs are levied by Beaufort Investment Management.  Third party brokerage fees, handling fees and other settlement fees levied by outside agents, and beyond the control of Beaufort Investment, will be passed on to the client’s portfolio without mark up.

Total Expense Ratio (TER) / Total Account Cost (TAC)

The TER or TAC is a measure of the total cost associated with managing a portfolio of assets expressed as a percentage and is dependent on where assets are held.

Example (Active Portfolio):

Investment Proposition Gross Fee %
Total Expense Ratio (EP07) 0.88%
Platform Fee (7IM) 0.25%
Beaufort Investment (BIM) Fee 0.30%
VAT (BIM Fee) 0.06%
Total 1.49%