Our ethical portfolios combine socially responsible, ethical and environmental considerations with a strategy for capital growth.

All funds in this sector are independently monitored for consistency in their ethical and environmental credentials.

Our research process

Our tried and tested investment process has been in place for over a decade. Our investment team use a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods to select the most suitable investments.

We invest in a variety of investments and may also look outside of our traditional universe if the need dictates. We invest in funds that are priced and traded on a daily basis but may also select those that trade less frequently if there is a strong investment case.

Portfolio construction

We use strategic asset allocation to construct our portfolios. Strategic asset allocation is where we set target weightings for various asset classes. Ethical investors should be aware that the opportunity set across broader asset classes is narrower. This means that we are less likely to make frequent changes to the portfolios. When the asset allocation is agreed for each risk-graded portfolios, they are ratified by our Investment Governance Committee.

It is important to understand that individuals have different concepts of what constitutes an ‘ethical’ investment. In order to identify suitable investments, we use a filter to reduce the investable universe to those that have an ethical and/or sustainable investment approach. The funds are then independently screened by EIRIS, a market leader in socially responsible investing. This results in a list of suitable funds that span several different asset classes.

In safe hands

We have an independently chaired Investment Governance Committee who ensure that our
investment guidelines are strictly adhered to.

The Group has an independent audit and risk committee and industry leading Non-Executive Directors on its boards.

Exceptional client service

Investors in our ethical portfolios receive bi-annual valuations, enabling them to monitor the value of their investment. In addition, we provide a Six-Monthly Review; this market-leading report details any changes we make to their portfolios and explains the reasons behind those changes. The report also explains why the value of an investment has gone up or down, and our view on the markets.

We also ensure that investors are kept up-to-date, with weekly bulletins providing market and economic updates published by our investment management team.

Most importantly, we believe in delivering value to our clients which means that our fees are amongst the most competitive in the market.

At a glance

  • Suitable for investors seeking to grow their capital using funds which have ethical and environmental credentials
  • A long-term investment
  • Portfolios selected according to your attitude to risk
  • Market-leading, regular communications so you can monitor the value of your investment
  • One of the most competitive fee structures in the market