In 2004, Andrew Bennett and Shane Balkham, two of our founding members, decided that a new approach to investment management was needed. Clients deserved a more proactive investment management service from their financial planner. By differentiating investment management from financial planning, this allowed Andrew and Shane to significantly improve the service to their clients.

On November 1st, 2004, the Equip Investment Process and our Equip Portfolios were launched. Offered to an existing client bank as well as new clients, they were a great success.


Buoyed by the initial success of the Equip Portfolios, the decision was made to offer the portfolios to the wider advisory market. A number of financial advisers were offered access to the Equip Portfolios, but others were soon to follow.


In 2011, Equip Solutions Limited was launched and responsibility for the management of the Equip Portfolios transferred to this new company to provide a more formalised corporate structure.

Also, in 2011 we celebrated reaching £130 Million under management and Equip Solutions applied to the Financial Services Authority (now the Financial Conduct Authority) for Discretionary Fund Management permissions.


On March 23rd, 2012, Equip Solutions Limited was approved by the Financial Services Authority (now the Financial Conduct Authority) as a Discretionary Fund Manager opening up a whole new market.

Equip Solutions Limited also became a wholly owned subsidiary of The Beaufort Group of Companies Limited and formally changed its name to Beaufort Investment Management Limited. As part of the Beaufort Group, Beaufort Investment gained access to a wide range of industry experts allowing it to cement its position as a leading investment manager.


To accompany its Equip Portfolio range, Beaufort Investment, aware of clients looking for an alternative, cost-effective investment management approach, launched a range of portfolios with price as a defining point.

Our Price Focused Portfolios combine passive and active management, with a price cap to ensure they remain competitive.


2014 sees Beaufort Investment celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Equip Portfolios. Our funds under management continue to grow, reaching £340 million (as at the 1st October 2014).

Both the Equip Portfolios and our Price Focused Portfolios are now available on Old Mutual, Seven Investment Management, Transact, Standard Life and AXA Elevate. We have strong relationships with a number of key fund groups allowing us to negotiate a competitive price for our clients.


1st April 2015, Beaufort Investment launched Ethical Portfolios.


Our funds under management continue to grow, reaching £928 million (as at the 12th November 2018).


Launch of the Multi-Asset Blend Funds