Who We Are

First established in 2004, Beaufort Investment Management is a discretionary fund management firm, with over £1 billion of assets under management invested in 2 funds and 25 model portfolios.

Beaufort’s range of actively managed and risk-rated portfolios are offered to investors via independent financial advisers who wish to enhance their clients’ returns and preserve their wealth. Advisers put their trust in the accountable, professional, knowledgeable experts in our team, which has over 100 years’ collective experience bolstered by fresh, analytical methods.

Our approach to fund management blends art and science, alongside experience and innovation. Our aim, quite simply, is to build and preserve the wealth of our investors.

The ‘art’: understanding the markets

We believe in the value of long-term investment and thoroughly research the funds and asset classes that we feel are suitable for our investors. We look to gain a rounded understanding of how the fund aims to achieve its objective, the process used to achieve this and the people entrusted to invest our clients’ money.

One thing we do not do at Beaufort Investment Management is make impulsive decisions. We tell our clients what we are thinking, what has happened in markets and explain why we have bought or sold an investment.

The ‘science’: selecting the right investments models

We observe the highest standards of corporate governance, assessment and risk profiling of our investors to create the most suitable, risk-managed and bespoke portfolios.

Our fund selection process, which we call PRETTI, has six distinct parts. These drive the buy, sell and hold decisions in the portfolios.

This is how our investment team blends different funds to support the long-term interests of its investors.

We are proud to be part of the Beaufort Group

Established in 2012, the Beaufort Group of companies was created to address an increasing need for the provision of retail financial services advice and solutions.

The Beaufort Group comprises Beaufort Financial Planning, Beaufort Investment Management and Beaufort Consulting.