Why Us?


Complete administrative support

Remove yourself from the daily grind of administering your client portfolios and spend more time working with clients to help them realise their financial dreams.

Best of breed risk profiling

Assess your clients’ attitude to risk and capacity for loss with our proprietary risk profiling tool; choose from over 40 active, passive, income and ethical portfolios.

Market leading reports and expertise

Keep your clients informed and engaged with professionally produced and branded reports and industry-leading ‘market views’, all while you get on with running your business.

Advanced research and analysis

From risk profiling and planning to asset allocation and fund selection, our in-house team of experts will manage all the background heavy-lifting for you.

Great value costs and pricing

Enjoy some of the best value and pricing options anywhere on the market today, thanks to our collective-scale pricing model.

Collective client responsibility

Access the tools to face your clients with confidence, whatever the market conditions. From ensuring that funds perform in-line with risk profiles and justifying fees, to managing overall expectations.

Better client outcomes

When you leverage the talents of our team and our national capacity, you increase the potential for better outcomes for both you and your clients.

Better client relationships

With more time to focus on your clients and their needs, you’ll soon be building those deeper relationships and nurturing that investment potential.

Better client engagement

Our reports and communications are designed to keep your clients engaged and informed whilst always making sure that you stay at the apex of the information exchange.

Better value for your business

Take control of your costs and stop worrying about pricing. Our collective scale pricing model offers some of the best value on the market.

Better feeling of control

Remove the fear and distraction that comes with being solely responsible for investment performance and take back the time to focus on your business.

A better feeling at the end of the day

Everything we do is designed to help you feel better about yourself and your clients at the end of each day. With our support, you’ll have control to develop your business as you want to.

We are very well aware that changing the way you work and adopting new or different processes can seem a little daunting for many businesses – letting go is not always easy! That’s why we take the time to get to know each new partner and to explain how we can deliver best value for them.

This means understanding our approach to fund management and how we perfect the blend of art and science through experience and innovation. The core objective that underpins everything we do quite simply is to build and preserve the wealth of our clients.

Shane Balkham

Chief Investment Officer

"Providing access to the Beaufort Investment portfolios, whilst helping advisers demonstrate suitability, is made as painless as possible. Additional reassurance is given through direct access to the investment team, whether that is needed on a one-to-one basis for your key clients, or in the form of a tailored seminar for your clients in one efficient method. Having helped IFAs move assets into our portfolios, we can show them numerous examples of best practice, advise them of any potential pitfalls and, most importantly, introduce them to people who have been through the same process."