Shane Balkham

Shane Balkham

Shane Balkham

Head of Portfolio Construction


Shane has worked in the profession for 25 years and more recently celebrated 10 years of working on our flagship range of portfolios.  Shane’s role involves monitoring risk through the in-house investment process and the assessment of both long-term and short-term decisions around asset allocation.  Research is key and building relationships with fund group and fund managers is a critical element of the process.

To balance his work commitments, Shane has the support of a loving family.  His two children, Toby and Jessica, command most of his attention.  Shane runs the local youth football team with Toby and finds this a crucial break from continual updates on Bloomberg.  His daughter Jessica shares his love for art and they enjoy drawing and painting together.  To hold this all together he has an amazing wife Claire, without whose support none of this would be possible.

Shane is committed to helping Beaufort Investment Management to become one of the leading Discretionary Fund Managers in the UK.  This means creating a highly-skilled and motivated team, enabling Shane to share his knowledge and experience of the past decades to continually improve the investment processes that they employ.  Shane is a keen proponent of financial education and regularly presents to schools, in a manner that he hopes the children find interesting.


Kingsgate, High Street, Redhill, RH1 1SH

0345 241 5376

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