We all know that your time is at its most productive when spent with your client. So, we’re here to help you free up your time, to focus on what you do best: developing client relationships and growing your business.

Our team will take care of everything associated with the running of your clients’ portfolios. This includes deciding the most appropriate blend of assets, monitoring risk, dealing and administration.

We can also help in other areas, for example, the production of compliant documentation and transitioning assets.


An impartial approach

Without ties to fund managers, banks or insurance companies, we can deliver an investment management service that is totally independent.

Risk Profiling

Our unique risk profiling tool has been designed to assess your clients’ attitude to risk and capacity for loss and is closely linked to our Strategic Asset Allocation.

Transparent Charges

We operate a simple and transparent charging structure for clients of advisers, with no switch fees.

Client Communications

Our regular bulletins provide updates on the marketplace and our quarterly commentary makes sure everyone knows what is happening with our portfolios.


Compliant documentation

When it comes to documentation, you can’t afford to compromise on compliance. We strive to ensure our documentation is clear, transparent and that it also meets all regulatory requirements. As part of the Beaufort Group we also don’t stop at our own marketing literature or reporting documentation, we regularly prepare client guides on legislative changes and key events such as the Budget. These documents can be made available to help you manage your client relationships.

Transitioning assets

In our experience, problems in transitioning assets start to happen when you treat the exercise casually. This is especially important when you’re moving several clients as part of a structured exercise. For example, from platform to platform or as part of a big tidy-up exercise of scattered retail investments. With assistance from our parent company, the Beaufort Group, we can help you transfer assets, but ensure this is done with the client’s best interests in mind.

Investment seminars

We want to make sure you are kept fully informed on our investment portfolios. That is why we hold several investment seminars throughout the year. Our seminars are generally open to all members of a firm as we feel it is important for everyone involved to have a good understanding of how our portfolios are managed. In addition, we are happy to be part of your own seminar program, our fund management team is available for client presentations.